A New Experience of Time

The virus forces us into kairos, a new experience of time. Learn how to seize this critical time of action to set your course.

My world is upside down and I think about time. Time is a subjective experience, a malleable dimension. My mind can ripple and distort my experience of time by traveling to the past or future.

In my dreams about the future, I set the route towards my goals. So often, walking to my next milestone, I forget about the why behind my goals; I walk on a path that turns out to be a sidetrack.

I need to remind myself continuously to check in with myself about the motivation behind my goals. This direct presence, full attention in the now, is also my key to acceptance so I can enjoy the walk itself.

We need the future to give direction and meaning to our life, even if we know for sure we will end up somewhere else. And when we set goals inevitably someone or something comes along that forces us to stand still and find our why again. This time, that something is a virus.

The ancient Greeks had two notions of time. Chronos, sequential time as we know it, and kairos, the right, critical, or opportune time of action. The latter was seen as opportune moment for something new to emerge. This crisis forces us into kairos, into an experience of time in which we are compelled to stand still. Seize this moment. What kind of future do you wish for yourself and others?

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