A wild, untamable urge to live

Nature is not cruel. We cause our own suffering by separating ourselves from nature and then taking the apathy we project on her personally.

Nature is out of balance and is fighting back through pandemics, natural disasters, climate change… I have been hearing this a lot, but I never felt comfortable with the idea. The natural world I observe is not consistent with a nature that is out for revenge on humanity. An article I read in the papers today stirred up some thoughts.⁣

One of our core human traits is making meaning where there is none. Perhaps we see cruelty in a system of complex organisms that as a whole seems indifferent to our fate. We think of ourselves as being separate from this ecological system we call nature and then proceed to take the apathy we project on her personally. If we were to see clearly, we would realize that we are nature looking back at her own design. She happens through us.

There is no innate wish to cause suffering in nature. She is amoral. There is space for all of it; from joy, happiness and compassion to suffering, violence and destruction.

I have horseradish in my garden. It is a dominating plant, so I continue to pull out new shoots. This battle has been going on for over a year. It reminds of what seems to be the only universal law nature abides to: a wild, untamable urge to live.

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