By Touch, to Everything Alike

We need the intimacy of touch if we want to cultivate a stronger, deeper connection with nature.

The rain seeps through my summer jacket. My shoes are soaked through by walking in the wet grass. A local shower sweeps over the fields, creating a billowing curtain of rain. Sheep and their little lambs shelter under a tree. A blackbird washes itself in a puddle, drops rolling off its feathers like little pearls. For a moment, I sulk and wonder why I didn’t dress for the weather.

In such moments, it helps me to release all of my negative thoughts about a sensation and focus on the experience itself. The rain touches my skin. The cold, wet feeling is strangely refreshing. It feels intimate.

When I touch or something touches me, there is no distance between me and the other.

Alles van waarde is weerloos
Wordt van aanraakbaarheid gelijk
En aan alles gelijk

“Everything of value is defenceless / Becomes equal by touch / And to everything alike.” These lines of the Dutch poet Lucebert remind me of the value of touch in our lives. We become one with what we touch. And if we want to cultivate a stronger, deeper connection with nature, we need this intimacy.

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