Sacha Post

Can you imagine feeling free, unworried, light, joyful and unaffected by your circumstances, at all times? I have had great teachers who have shown me this is possible with practice and dedication.

Most of us have developed patterns of conditioned behavior early on in our lives, to protect ourselves from experiences that were too painful to bear at the time. These patterns still unconsciously reign our lives, even though they are no longer needed, and prevent us from connecting to our natural, joyful self.

In 2016, I went through an intense year of coaching education with Frans Bakker from Changespirators at the Sonnevelt Institute. Before anything else, it was a great gift from Frans and a profound exploration into my own psyche, uncovering hidden patterns and conditioned behavior that prevented me from directly experiencing my natural self. The method I was taught is simple, but not easy.

In essence, there are two movements we continuously make: we either contract or surrender. We tend to contract ourselves unconsciously through conditioned behavior which is deeply influenced by unfelt and stored emotions of the past. This colors everything and dictates the way we see ourselves and our life.

In order to rediscover our natural state, we need to release these contractions by allowing ourselves to surrender and feel what wants to be felt, breathe through the experience and return our attention to the present moment. This easier said than done if you do not know what your conditioning is. In order to practice surrendering effectively, you need to become familiar with your conditioning first. This I can help you with.

Together, we will go on an exploration deep into your psyche to release the contractions that are holding you back from experiencing a free and joyful life. I will help you gain insight, allowing you to identify destructive patterns as they happen so they no longer influence you. We will embrace your history together, so you can feel genuine gratitude for the lessons you have learned and you are free to move on.

After each session, I will give you a technique to implement and practice for the next session, so you can integrate in your daily life what we have uncovered together. Sessions take around two hours and are held in a beautiful yurt in nature, about a 30-minute drive from Utrecht, The Netherlands. I prefer to meet in person once every two weeks, but if this is not possible for you we can also schedule in video sessions. Individual sessions are €125 or you can choose to commit at any time to 10 sessions for €1000, effectively a €250 discount. I warmly invite you to contact me to schedule in a 15-minute free introductory call, so we can find out if I can support you in your journey.

In closing, a few humbling words from others who I have supported along the way:

“Being comfortable around Sacha requires you to drop your insecurities and your false personal stories because you cannot project that onto him. It feels like he does not care about your story, but he deeply cares about you. And for that he is one of the most loving persons I have ever met.” –Adrien

“I felt somehow understood without having to say anything, feeling supported and also accepted for the weirdness going on inside of me.” –Noemi

“Sacha is holding so effortlessly the space so that you can go deep within. Being in his presence felt liberating.” –Karu

“His knowledge about traditions, spiritual practice, and the human mind seem endless. This quality alongside with his intuitive skills go hand in hand to help anyone gain clarity on self.” –Sensi