Sacha Post
  • Putting rest into practice
    5 October 2019 · · 5 minute read

    We’re in the midst of Fall. How quickly everything decays and turns to mud when the rain is incessant. Nature is working the soil, cleaning up and breaking down what is no longer needed. I caught the flu as the weather changed its course. The body needs time to adapt and in my case getting sick is one of the few ways that forces me to stop and take rest. As I am recovering, I have the tendency to push myself too hard too soon. Yesterday, my energy was spent well before the day ended. So I am invited to conserve my energy and take it slower than my mind would have it.

  • Three ways to cultivate discipline
    15 August 2019 · · 3 minute read

    August is a time of maturity and discipline. Nature has been productive and is now offering the fruits of her labour. So are we. In this time of the year, what we have manifested in Spring and Summer has reached its adulthood. We are now invited to direct our focus from the external to the internal again, and this requires discipline.

  • Most important questions and financial freedom
    26 July 2019 · · 3 minute read

    I have taken on a habit of asking myself important questions. The technique, which is recommended by Josh Waitzkin in one of his amazing talks with Tim Ferriss, involves training your ability to continuously frame your Most Important Questions (MIQs) throughout the day. After you have posed your MIQ allow the conscious mind to release the question. Do not actively think about the question immediately, but revisit it later. This exercise opens the channel between the conscious and unconscious mind and trains you to focus on life’s important questions.

  • How to deal with an overactive mind
    1 June 2019 · · 2 minute read

    I have an overactive mind. It bites into any obsession it can find, looking for a new project to distract itself with. And then it judges itself, producing all kind of existential worries, like:

    • I am wasting my time in this life with irrelevant distractions.
    • Soon I will have no money and I will fail my own expectations of being successful.
    • The ideas I have are unoriginal and are already executed by others that can do a better job than I do.