I have been here all along

In deepening circles of wisdom, we recognize nature's beauty anew. Our experiences are informed by the stories we gather along the way.

My day starts with a new discovery. A bird, likely seen by many, but never recognized by me. This little firecrest has been with me all along. As he sings on his branch I recognize his song. I have been hearing him for a while.

What I learn today, humans have learned countless times. Since the dawn of our time, in deepening circles of wisdom, we recognize nature’s beauty anew. When I open my eyes and see this little bird, he seems to tell me: “I have been here all along, but now you see me.” This moves me.

I am on a personal journey to understand nature, knowing that one day I will have to let go of everything that I have learned. In small, incremental steps, newly acquired knowledge enriches my experience of the present moment. My experience of the world is deepening; what I see, hear, feel, smell, and taste is informed by the stories I gather along the way.

I am reflecting on the idea of enduring the world. We run the risk of dulling our senses when we lack new stimuli, especially in this time of social isolation. Augustine writes that enduring has nothing to do with becoming passive. Instead, he invites us to be attentive to what we can do right now, without knowing how things will turn out for us. We have the remarkable gift of directing our attention. We learn from what we experience. This enables us to make new discoveries every day, no matter how stuck we are.

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