It will change

The Buddha speaks of hope when he says however great one's suffering, one thing is certain: it will change.

Something new can be seen in nature every day. Today I rediscovered the apple blossoms. I know that the apple trees have been blossoming for a while now, but I only noticed today. Like many of us, I have a tendency to overlook the constant flow of change in nature. When I see it, it has already changed.

Meanwhile, being fixed on a lack of change in my own life, I seem to prevent change to run its natural course. But given enough time and a healthy dose of indifference, the situation will change on its own. The outcome often goes unnoticed, as I am already fixed on feeling a lack of change somewhere else.

I am learning to be more accepting in my life. The Buddha speaks of hope when he tells his disciples that however great one’s suffering, only one thing is certain: it will change.

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