I have taken on a habit of asking myself important questions. The technique, which is recommended by Josh Waitzkin in one of his amazing talks with Tim Ferriss, involves training your ability to continuously frame your Most Important Questions (MIQs) throughout the day. After you have posed your MIQ allow the conscious mind to release the question. Do not actively think about the question immediately, but revisit it later. This exercise opens the channel between the conscious and unconscious mind and trains you to focus on life’s important questions.

Best practice is to pose the MIQ when you are finishing up your working day. After letting go of all things related to this question, relax the mind in any way, shape or form. Filling your evenings with meditation, music, friends and family are all great ways to decompress. Go to bed and revisit the question the first thing in the morning, right after waking, before any input from the outside world. Now your creative energy is at its peak and you still have access to this amazing world between sleeping and waking. As Josh puts it:

“It’s really breathtaking what happens. You get into a rhythm of waking up with the solution. And you get used to, after doing it multiple times a day, having the sort of miraculous realizations in your creative process you might have had once every two to three months otherwise.”

Yesterday I asked myself a MIQ and I was amazed to see how well it works. I struggle with allowing myself the time to do deep work that is not directly tied to generating income, so I posed myself the following question in the afternoon:

How can I create financial freedom, so I can freely contribute my time and energy to the projects I love, feeling at ease, without having to worry about money flowing in?

In the evening, I swam in the river and listened to a meditation by Rupert Spira. I continued listening to recordings of my teachers throughout the night, occasionally dozing off but connecting to the essence of my being.

Early in the morning, around 5 am, I revisited the question, understanding quickly I need to reverse the question to answer it. I realized that by creating and contributing regardless of financial circumstances, I generate trust in myself to work at ease. I add value simply because it is my deepest desire to do so. A mnemonic phrase by Tony Robins came to my mind: where focus goes, energy flows. And money is energy too.

Meanwhile I realized the channels for energy, and therefore money, to flow back to me need to be open. This allowed me to rephrase my MIQ:

What are ways for me to open new channels so that energy, and therefore money, can flow back to me?

The real work is done between the asking yourself your MIQs on a daily basis, but by being in a constant state of surrender and ease, no energy is spent contracting or stressing out, which can then freely flow into the creative process to manifest your deepest desires.

What is your MIQ and what did you find out? Feel free to let me know!