Sacha Post
Silent Sundays

A day going inward in silence, guided by two experienced facilitators, including a meditative tea ceremony, surrounded by beautiful nature and warmed by the fire inside a magical yurt.

  • Curious about what meditation can bring you?
  • Longing for nature?
  • A desire to go inward?
  • Looking for balance and silence in your life?
  • Too busy, missing quality time with yourself?

We invite you to come and share the gift of silence and a Chinese tea ceremony in the magical yurt Ramana at the wild river banks of the Rhine, every month of the year.


  • 18 August 2019
  • 29 September 2019
  • 27 October 2019
  • 24 November 2019
  • 15 December 2019
  • 26 January 2020


In our society, we tend to be outwardly focused seeking happiness and love. Turning the gaze inward allows us to realize we already have everything we need. Silence can help you to remember what is true and what is important, so your circumstances no longer need to change in order for you to be happy or content. By anchoring yourself in silence, you can make peace with the mind, setting you free.


Intentional time spent in nature can help you to slow down, reconnect with yourself and receive the gift of the present moment. Being in the presence of mother nature, with little to no distraction, can remove obstacles from your life, transform negative beliefs that impede your growth and help you connect to your inner light.

Tea ceremony

A tea ceremony helps use to find stillness within and deepen your meditation. The use of tea (Camellia sinensis) dates back thousands of years, when Buddhist monks discovered how tea could benefit their spiritual practice. Tea is a medicine which is beneficial for mind, body and spirit and the ceremonial preparation of pu-erh tea (a unique type of tea which is fermented and aged) can help you improve clarity, concentration and alertness in meditation, while maintaining a grounded sense of relaxation.

What is included

When you choose to join us during one or more of the Silent Sundays, you’ll receive:

  • A guided Chinese tea ceremony in silence
  • A safe space of silence in a traditional yurt on a beautiful piece of land in nature
  • Guided meditations to discover and connect to your inner silence
  • Contemplative exercises to integrate nature’s seasonal wisdom in your daily life
  • A purifying, sattvic lunch and tea snacks to rejuvenate the body (vegan, gluten-free, without onions or garlic)
  • The healing and charging experience of sharing presence and silence together
  • Sharing circle around the fire to connect with and learn from each other (optional)


The contribution for a Silent Sunday is €70 and includes all of the above. Or book six Sundays for €350 and receive one Sunday for free. Please note only eight places are available for each Sunday!

You can book your ticket(s) here.

Gift card

If you would like to treat someone with this soothing, relaxing and magical day, you can contact me for a home-made personal gift card. I can even send it for you, if you wish.

What to bring

  • A meditation cushion
  • A blanket to keep warm during meditation
  • Warm socks or indoor slippers
  • Comfortable clothes
  • A small item of significance to you


  • 10:30 Arrival
  • 11:00 Introduction into silence
  • 13:30 Lunch
  • 15:00 Tea ceremony
  • 16:30 Guided nature meditation
  • 18:00 Waving goodbye

How to get there

The Silent Sundays are held in a beautiful yurt at the river banks of the Rhine in The Netherlands. The closest village is Eck en Wiel. Close to the event date you will receive an email with the route description. Please note that coming by car is easiest. Make sure to enter the name of the village name in your navigation, as there are many streets with the same name in this region. No car? Write a post in the Facebook event asking for a ride. There are usually plenty of carpooling possibilities available.

About us

Eva & Sacha are living a simple life in nature and are hosting this day together. They share a deep love for silence and nature. Eva has dedicated her life to letting people experience the indescribable power of silence. Silence has helped her gain clarity on existential questions. She is a trainer, coach and organizes silent retreats and ceremonies regularly. Sacha’s life is led in awe and respect of mother nature and her teachings. He works as a nature guide, wilderness leader and a life coach helping people to discover their freedom by connecting deeply to nature and themselves.


“Eva is an inspiration and spiritual guide that I can learn so much from. Showing me boundaries, surrender, dancing with life, jumping into the unknown. She knows how to surprise me. I am grateful for her loving and non judgmental presence, an example of a change-maker, completely aligned with who she is.” —Nicky

“Being comfortable around Sacha requires you to drop your insecurities and your false personal stories because you cannot project that onto him. It feels like he does not care about your story, but he deeply cares about you. And for that he is one of the most loving persons I have ever met.” –Adrien

“I’m so grateful to have been able to spend a week with Eva. She is so cool. I love it. I feel so willing and excited to explore surrender and deeper softness just from being around her. The silent presence she has been holding has been uncomfortable for me at times, and has helped me so much, I can’t even begin to say. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” —Jason

“Sacha is without any kind of judgement. Open, delicate, sweet, wise, but also still. I loved his guided meditations, I really went deeper in myself. I love his delicacy and tact towards everyone.” —Anna