Taking Risks for Your Desires

You will flourish when you bring your deepest dreams and desires into the world, even when it feels like you are taking risks in doing so.

Summer is on the horizon. This is a time to explore the things that we desire, even when it feels like we are taking risks in doing so. We can choose to continue what we were doing or choose to jump to a new circumstance completely. Both roads are open. It could even be that certain aspects of our life continue and we still choose to create something completely new. Like we are renewing ourselves within the continuity of our previous existence.

The seeds of our dreams, wishes, ambitions and desires have sprouted and now is the time to make them more beautiful. This beauty comes from a deeper essence. We need to stay connected to something larger within us, something that just wants to happen, no matter what. When we’re simply working on our image, we will probably not succeed. Everyone is so busy creating their own dreams, that all of the motivation to continue to express your dreams in the most beautiful way will have to come from your own source. By staying connected to the deeper essence of our desires, you’re on your way to fulfilling something deep and great inside of you. 

We will flourish when we bring our deepest dreams, wishes, ambitions and desires into the world. Listen to this month’s meditation to get inspired. Use good headphones and let me know what you are going to manifest this year!

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