When an Idea Visits You

An idea is like a creature that comes and visits you. Let it in! It came just for you.

Ideas are like creatures that come and visit you. Today my dear friend Maike shared this beautiful thought from Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic. If ideas are like creatures, they need love and care. Will my ideas die if I don’t give them the attention they need? No, my friend said. They’ll visit someone else instead.

I thought about all of my old notebooks and all of the stale ideas in them. Ideas for later, I thought. You know, when I get to it. These neglected creatures have probably left me. Perhaps one or two sit it out, because they know how compelling they are. They know how well they fit me, if only I’d take the time to hear them out. To sit with them and feel their magic.

Inspiration is a mysterious thing. It is fleeting, elusive, almost ghost-like. My friend tells the story of a poet who has to drop everything and run to her desk when a poem visits her. To grab it by the tail before it flies off again. I imagine it’s a mythical, untamable creature. Like a silver dragon.

When a good idea visits you, you’ll know. A rush of blood to the head, a tingle in your heart, a tickle in your belly. This little creature is knocking on your door. Let it in! It came just for you.

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