Shaping Reality Through Thought

A personal manifesto on wealth and success.

Sacha Post ·

I wrote the following manifesto on the cusp my 35th birthday. It is based on my reading of The Mind of Money, a collection of classical essays by Joseph Murphy, Henry Harrison Brown, Florence Scovel Shinn, and Wallace D. Wattles.

These words carry truth and are meant to be read and reread, for their adaptation takes work. I often fall back to what I consider "lazy" thinking: patterned, conditioned thought instead of what I want to be true and ultimately know to be true. I hope these words may be of use to you too.

The power of thought

Everything I want to create must first exist in my thoughts. Trying to manipulate the manifest world through hard work, trying to shape the existing world to bring my desires into being, does not work to produce the results I want. Instead, I create directly out of the formless substance through the power of my thinking.

Thought is the only power that can produce the tangible out of the formless, for every expression in nature starts with a thought. Every thought held in my thinking causes the creation of the thought along the lines of growth and action already established in the manifest world.

The image I create and impress on the formless has to be what I want to create in the world, for I know it will come to be. This means I need to continually hone my ability to think the way I want to, for it is far easier to think the thoughts suggested by appearances or my current circumstances.

Thinking truth is hard work, especially when my truth contradicts what I perceive. What I perceive in the world will produce the corresponding thought in my mind unless I consciously hold on to a true thought: what I want to be true instead of what I perceive to be true.

When I control my thoughts, I shape my reality to my desire. I create a clear mental picture of my desire, then hold the thought, for holding the thought results in personal action that allows me to receive the manifestation of the thought.

I live with a desire. I sustain, nourish, and fall in love with it. Having seen the outcome, I have willed the means to the realization of the outcome. Through my imagination, my sustained thought penetrates the layers of my subconscious mind and becomes a conviction, attracting anything necessary to fulfill my desire. It is not my job to guide the creative process. I retain my vision, maintain my faith, and stay grateful.

What it means to be successful

Success in life is becoming what I want to be. My most significant service to life is to be the fullest and most beautiful expression of what I am. I am here to live an abundant, radiant, and free life, with all the wealth I want and need to grow, expand and unfold spiritually, mentally, and materially. I have the inalienable right to fully develop and express myself along all lines, surrounding myself with beauty and enjoying the wealth of my subconscious mind.

My subconscious mind is the realm of my inspiration, revelation, illumination, and intuition. It is the realm of perfect ideas. I live an inspired life of service to my source. I am free and choose how I spend my time in service to my inspiration and creativity. There is ample time and resources to learn, care for myself and others, and pass on what I discover to create a slice of Eden on Earth.

What do I need for that?

There is only abundance

There is only abundance. This is all I know to be true. All other concepts about the universe's workings sabotage the fullest expression of myself. I cast my doubts aside and do not feed myself with anything opposing this truth. In other words, I accept this truth absolutely.

If I have financial issues, I have yet to convince my conscious mind that I always have plenty. Wealth is of the mind. It is a subconscious conviction. My mind should always be filled with ideas of wealth. I see myself wealthy, feel wealthy, and continually prepare for wealth: everything I need and plenty to spare.

I hold the words wealth and success in my mind—quietly, easily, and feelingly—for these words carry enormous power. Feelings of wealth and success will well up as I hold onto the thought, and conditions and circumstances corresponding to their nature and quality will manifest in my life.

An affirmation works best when it does not produce mental conflict or argument. My subconscious only accepts what it feels to be true. There is no conflict when I hold wealth and success in my mind because my circumstances do not affect the power of these words.

My subconscious mind is a bank that magnifies whatever I deposit or impress upon it. When I convince my subconscious mind that wealth is here and is always circulating in my life, I will always and inevitably have it, regardless of the form it takes. Like the tide, the ebb and flow of wealth is constant. When the tide is out, I am absolutely sure that it will return. I know I will always have enough.

Act as if I already received

I am one with the infinite wealth of my subconscious mind. It is my right to be wealthy, happy, and successful. I am conscious of my true worth and I know that every day, in every way, my wealth is increasing.

I act as if I already have received all the wealth and success I ask for, for I can only receive what I see myself receiving. If I ask for wealth and prepare for failure, I will get the situation I prepared for. Instead, I prepare what I asked for, even if no sign of it exists.

I know that just before receiving often comes apparent failure and discouragement. It is darkest before dawn. In these moments, I trust that my desire is enough to make it so. Every manifestation has been brought to the surface by holding the vision. Spirit is never too late, and the timing is always right. I let my desire take root and grow, patiently waiting, never losing my trust, undisturbed by appearances, giving thanks knowing I have already received.

There is no virtue in poverty

I do not bring lack into my life by holding thoughts that oppose my desired truth. There is nothing intrinsically good or bad. But thinking of something as good or bad will make it so in my life, so I never mentally deny what I consciously affirm.

There is no virtue in poverty, and I am not here to experience poverty. I do not want just enough to go around. I want everything I need to do all the things I want to do, and plenty to share. This means I only deposit thoughts of prosperity, wealth, success, and peace in my subconscious.

This also means I do not condemn, criticize or envy those who have succeeded, for I then condemn what I desire and will create the opposite. Instead, I celebrate those who have succeeded and wish them even greater wealth in every possible way. I am on good terms with everyone in my mind, radiating love and goodwill, for I know there is more than enough.

Loving money and letting money love me

I never condemn money, for there is no fundamental issue with money. Money is materialized thoughts; it is nothing but thoughts in their material form. Money represents the opportunity to realize high ideals. It represents personal freedom. When money is circulating freely, I am financially healthy. It is useless until it is spent to work for me and is not meant to be held in fear of losing it.

Before spending money, I always consider if it is right. And if it is, I spend money royally and freely, sending thoughts of success, happiness, and health along with it. When I choose how to invest my money, I firmly believe that infinite intelligence governs my choices and that whatever I do is right. In other words, my investments are wise when I trust my intuition.

I give worth for all the money I desire and dedicate all my money to noble service. I bring my value to the world, and money wants me to use it to bring it forth. In other words, money loves me, I am ready to use money, and it only comes to me to be used. I make no limit to the amount. I claim abundance, all I can use for good, all that is needed to be useful and happy.

Living a balanced life

Living a balanced, wealthy life means satisfying peace of mind, harmony, love, joy, and health. This includes all the money I need, but I never make making money the sole aim. In other words, I let my aim be the true expression of my talents, beauty, and the joy of sharing and contributing to the wealth of others.

I live true to self. I live spiritually, giving the first place in my thoughts to the formless from which all things arise. I know myself as the formless and live according to my sense of right. I trust myself, having faith that all is good, having faith in life to provide what is needed for the highest expression of myself.

When my desire is intrinsically connected to living a balanced life, connected to my source of inspiration, my desire is of good nature and wants to be realized in the world, for I know it will bring more beauty to the world.

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